VALORANT may be the newest on the competitive gaming block, but it has quickly become a calling for many talented veterans and newcomers worldwide. With its smooth and action-packed gameplay, VALORANT appears to be a significant threat to CS:throne GO’s in the coming years.

Despite the fact that the game was only released at the beginning of summer 2020 and there haven’t been any major offline events due to global lockdowns, the best of the best have found a way to demonstrate their abilities.

Many organisations snatched the most talented individuals in the air to form the most powerful teams heading into the next competitive cycle.

Here is a list of players who participate from lethal matches

Nikhil “StinG” Singh

Nikhil Singh, also known as “StinG,” is one of the best duelists among the Lethals. Sting, one of the best Jett mains, is known for his unpredictability and aggressive positioning.

Previously, he was a member of the CS:GO teams SectorX and 60Hz Gods. Jett’s kit and combined with his insane Operator skills,The 20-year old is putting up insane numbers.His snappy but on point Aim with Godly gamesense makes him the Best.

Sting makes crispy headshots with rifles and quickscopes with operator look easy.

StinGs enemies do not live to tell the tale, with a kill/death (KD) ratio of 1.29 and a headshot (HS) rate of 22%. Even if he doesn’t get the kill, his average damage per round of 162.3 leaves his opponents wishing they were dead.

Ayush “Cybell” Singh

sixteen years old Ayush Singh, also known as “Cybell,” is a lethal esports sentinel player. When it comes to FPS esports titles, Cybell is a rising star. Climbing the ranks and tyres of Valorant demonstrates his understanding of tricky Cypher’s spycam placements and perfect close-aim.

He is well-known for his sly playstyle, whether as cypher or any other sentinel agent. Cybell has been an important part of their success, with an impressive 1.03 KD ratio and a 24 percent HS rate. With an 89 percent kill participation rate, he will still be there to assist his teams even if he isn’t racking up the kills.


Nitish “Megatron” Singh

Megatron is a former Cs:Go player who represented 1337(team) and advanced to the Silver Cup semifinals. He has been a member of Lethal esports since its inception.

After a rocky start in Valorant, Megatron  and his friends assembled this team. He has a distinct playing style that no one else can imitate. Everyone is taken aback by his shaky aim and abstract movement. Sova’s kit gives him so much information and allows him to wall-bang opponents out of nowhere with an Aggressive Gameplay as an initiator.

Megatron, who has a CS:GO background, was a Finalist of Taiwan Excellence in CS:GO. But for some reason, he is unable to play., he at the age of 18, is a true VALORANT prodigy. The young talent has been actively displaying impressive signs of promise and skill, with a 1.32 KD ratio and a 33 percent HS rate.

Sourabh“Savi” Vishwakarma 

Sourabh Vishwakarma, also known as “Savi” is a valorant initiator. He gathers information about his opponents’ positions using flashes and scouting abilities, and never fails to amaze the viewers with his Skye plays. With his gameplay abilities, he assists his team in gaining control of the map and provides extremely useful utility to his teammates. complements his 1.12 KD ratio with a 35% HS rate, which is nearly unheard of. It’s difficult to explain his headshot success rate because such precision can only be achieved by robots.

Shubham “HuntFtw” Mojidra

Hunt Ftw is known for his daring astra plays. Huntftw’s Astra smoke spots are incredible. Following the demise of the plant, the player has effectively aided the team in regaining control of the site.

Huntftw has mastered the art of playing astra for his team. And has successfully balanced both the factors of proper setup and the use of abilities at the right time in competitive plays. He enables his team to heavily push the site by efficiently controlling it with stars, and he secures the round with the ultimate ability.

He also plays the agent  Viper and Jett. He has achieved Tier 1 status in

Cs: go and play from the adrenaline team.

Though being in a team with some of the best aimers in the world makes securing kills slightly more difficult, HuntFtw puts on a show with his KD ratio of 1.11 and HS percentage of 32. Given that landing a headshot instantly removes enemies from the map.

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