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Lethal Esports managed to win major championship titles and prizemoney earnings across a variety of disciplines.

Lethal Esports is an Indian leading esports Organisation Formed in 2020 by Blacki gaming. Here we provide a platform for Teams and professional players to showcase there skill set.

Our goal is to work closely and collaboratively with partners to improve the esports entertainment experience for all. Our players are the face and voice of lethal Esports. One of our top priorities is to cultivate an atmosphere for them that works with versatility, cooperation, and fun.

Our Players

Do Won Tran


Josh Casey


Jae Lee Park


Dieter Koberg


JAe-do Nguyen


Andre Belac


Daniel Nelson


Mark O'Tool


Saourabh Vishwakarma


Ayush Singh


Nikhil singh


Shubham mojidra


nitish Singh


Paul Gutenberg


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We highly esteem our partnership relations and work closely in collaboration with our partners to provide the most engaging content and promotion. We are a creative team of talented people who are committed to align our vision with our partners to create the best experience for our fans.

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